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Friday, December 13, 2019

Outstanding humourists “Zoorjee and Cherian Varghese”

We need to smile and laugh at times.  Life is not only full of sorrow but mostly of joy in the Lord!

What is interesting with Zoorjee is we actually do not know who he is!  It is only a pseudonym.  Whoever you are Zoorjee, we would like to thank you for the smile we had on your funny and witty jokes.  I like the joke about how the boys covered their friends when they had a night out, while the girls just divulged the secret.  Congratulations!

Cherian Varghese also nailed the humour business.  Just like Zoorjee, he is definitely a pro.  We love your Tintumon jokes.  Your jokes are also amusing and witty.  Congratulations Cherian!

Cynthia Abegail
New World

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