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Wednesday, December 18, 2019


As I awoke from a night of slumber,
 I face another morning of splendor
 Rays of light penetrates the lowly---
 Showering grace beyond the dreary.

O' time to lift my heart unto Him---
With gratitude as I knelt with a beam
Raised eyes up above as a gentle child
Trusting as hands dare to ask and seek!

 Be exalted O' God as I felt a natural awe,
 For You alone, I like a misty cloud below
Burst with tears of joy as I felt an aura!
As I felt Your presence like a breeze---

Be exalted my King, reign in majesty
Of crown eternal, sceptre never fades!
Brilliance none can compare, no shade Speechless am I,
Thy power's so great!

 Be exalted above the heavens and earth,
Alleluia, resounds forevermore like rain
The tempest recedes and quiver in vain!
Never will it pass if the Lord is ever there...

Be exalted above the cedar and mustard tree,
Above the highest peaks and clouds of glee
Be exalted in the air, the land and all space!
The Lord that I love; I welcome as my oases.

 Be exalted and dwell in me,
O' God I beseech,
 I am poor, but Thou art rich... come and fill
 For graces never fail; abundant as the gifts Of love that pervades my heart that leaps...

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail
(A very beautiful Poem.New World.)

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