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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Poetry --- a transcendent form of literature by Cynthia Abegail

Is there any form of literature that has fascinated millions but poetry?  I remembered the poems of William Wordsworth which seems to lead you to a slumber by its lullaby.  How about William Shakespeare whose sonnets reverberate through the centuries?  To add, Elizabeth Barrett Browning's How Do I love Thee had been read in most classrooms in the world.  When one reads this classic poem, he or she seems to begin to fall in love. The great WB Yeats sums it all---the poet who stimulates wonder as in his poem about the Lake in Innisfree.

Poetry is quite transcendent in a way that only artists can understand.  Poems emanate from the inner being of the poet.  Only when it is analysed deeply that the metaphors and similes come into light.  

Poems could evoke feelings of joy, of anger, of fear and other emotions.  It can propel one to love or hate the poet.  The bottom line is:  Poets and poetess as well shared a common sphere---that innate genius of sharing with the world what could not be expressed directly.  It's hidden meaning baffles and resonates a mystery!  That mystery is an enigma only the poets could express.  Generations try to define its meaning, yet it's full meaning remained untouched.  That's what makes poetry a great form of literature.  Praise be to God!!!

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