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Thursday, December 19, 2019


There was once a beautiful garden called DewFall.
As you visit this garden at the edge of two hills, you will
see all types of flowers who walk with their stems during
the day but return to their habitat during the night. Out
of all these lovely flowers, the wild lily stands out in her
exquisite beauty and breathtaking features. During the day,
she will walk with her head up high because she knows that
everybody will look at her. All the male plants will oogle at her
but she is not interested to be tied up yet. She needs a lot of time to pamper her supple skin.

Then, the pink tulip greeted her, "Good morning, Lily! How are you?' She replied with haughtiness, "What is good in the morning?
You must have greeted me, "Good morning, fairest flowering the land!"
The poor tulip was hurt. She turned sideways and said, "I am sorry,
I did not even affirm your loveliness. Good morning, fairest flower in the land." The wild lily replied joyfully, "Very fine! it is good that you notice. Good day!

As she passed by a green fern, she scowled, "What an ugly duckling! This type of plant should never have been in DewFall in the first place." Day in and day out, she does nothing but shower all of them with sarcasm. At the end of the year, nobody would like to greet her anymore. But there is an
exception, the pure hyacinth. She patiently endured her tirades and ill comments
along the way. She thought, "She may change, one day."

One rainy day, the wild lily strutted beyond the hills to a bustling river. Many flowers are on the side washing their beds of leaves, so soiled last summer. Hyacinth was there, too pounding the stubborn stains on her blanket of moss. Suddenly, the wild lily slipped her foot because the rock where she stood broke. She was carried by the raging current. "Help, help! she shouted. Those flowers close by did not bat an eyelid and in chorus shouted, "Let her drown."

Hyacinth quickly jumped to the river and saved her. The others were not happy at
all. She spoke to them, "Flowers, you have not done the right thing. Although, she had not been good to you, she is still a part of God's creation.
Lily, embarrassed and shaken spoke, "Flowers, I am deeply sorry for all of the hurt that I have caused. From this day on, please give me a chance to change for the better.
One by one, the flowers embraced her with forgiveness. Tears were flowing from Hyacinth's eyes. She pondered, "Thanks God that she was enlightened." Then she kissed Wild Lily tenderly!
Morale of the story: No man is an island unto himself. What we sow, we will also reap. Forgive others as the Father has forgiven us!
All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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