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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Without love---nothing. "Cor 13"

Hustle and bustle of life makes us sometimes forget one thing ---love.  It becomes a cliche---I love this, I love that❤️

BUT wait...we are talking about love for one's neighbour.  Tell me about that!  It's not easy at all to love that nagging wife, that philandering husband, that traitor friend, that gossiper, that rude staff on the counter, that annoying co-worker!  Love is not possible if it's not grounded in God.

When we become closer to our beloved God, we are the one who change; we become more trusting, more patient, more compassionate and we begin to realise that those people needs prayers for them to have change of hearts and ways.

We can't change the world ourselves, many tried but failed.  We can only pray and those little prayers when done by many is like an avalanche that strikes the heart of God.  We can praise God among ten people but if most communities praise God at the same time, it multiplies and God will dwell among the praises of His people.  Then, slowly, our places becomes better place to live in because we have done what we are meant to do!

Praise God all the time!  Praise God forever, then love will dwell in our hearts for GOD is LOVE...

Let us pray today that the Lord will give us a heart which loves to praise and thank God for all things in good times or bad times.  Lord, give us a loving heart with fair justice and truth.  Through the intercession of Mother Mary, St Joseph, St Michael the Archangel, all of the angels and saints.  In Jesus Holy Name. Amen.

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