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Monday, January 27, 2020


"Yes, we will see each other again," FrJames said to the 4 families who lived under
the bridge.  These are homeless families that by one reason or another had been
marginalised not by their own designs, but Who knows?  The Barton family beaming
with smile clasped the bountiful bread and several canned of corned beef and tuna.
Fr James also gave them much fruit enough for 3 days.  Mr Barton sighed, "Thank you
Lord for you have never forgotten us,"

These families had lived under the bridge for about a year now.  They had migrated to
this country with all their resources but because of the high cost of living, all of their
savings dwindled to a cent!  They had thick makeshift cartons for their bed and bundled
clothes for their pillows.  I visited them once and tears rolled from my eyes.  We brought
some toys for Elaine, a young, active child of age 5.  Mrs. Barton told me, "Gosh, winter
is coming, I do not know how will we survive this year."  I told her, "Do not worry,
"God will provide.  Do not doubt.  He owns the universe.  He will not allow all of his
faithful children to be in want."  Mrs Barton hugged me with faith and at the same time
with a tinge of despair.  Winter came with a lash!   Fr James came back with his faithful
volunteers; carrying sacks of winter clothes and bed dings.  They made makeshift
walls to cover the families from rain.  They also brought large quantity of oil lamps to
provide some heat.

On the other hand, Elaine developed a fever.  Fr James rang an emergency doctor who
arrived so quickly.  She was given antibiotics for an illness caused by a mosquito.  Fr James
should go home tonight but he stayed for 2 days more till Elaine get better.  Mrs Barton
hugged Fr James after the ordeal.  She mumbled, "Fr James, what can we do without you?"
Fr James replied, "Let us rephrase your question, "What can we do without Almighty
God in His Son Jesus Christ?"  I will answer, "Nothing, we are nothing, we can do nothing."
Then Fr James said, "Let us bow our heads..."Bless us O' Lord for these Thine gifts that we
have to receive through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen."

Morale:  Life is only transient, temporary in all sense of the word.  Let us live our lives
worthily.  Have confidence in God who provides for all our needs!  Let us praise and
worship Him and live a life of daily thanksgiving to Him.  Let us also open our hearts for
the needy.  We cannot bring wealth when we die.  We can only leave a treasure in the hearts
of all whom we assisted, a treasure that no moths can destroy.  We can only store a
treasure of goodness in our hearts by abiding in the heavenly things and by clinging to our
Lord Jesus Christ, no matter what happens.  Keep the hope in our hearts for all of
God's plans will be fulfilled.  Why?  Because Almighty God said so!

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