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Tuesday, January 7, 2020


Six months had passed and I would say it is actually a superb experience.  When I was
young, I could not even touch an animal, but now I simply could not help cuddling the warm
and affectionate cat, Aiko.  One thing I notice is that she is not an ordinary cat.  She learns easily
and she responds quite fast.  I could not imagine myself being interested now and even embroiled
in the life of Aiko.  Not only me but all members of the family.  Suddenly she turned to be the
princess of the house.  Nevertheless, not a queen for I occupy that post.

Aiko is a fussy cat in terms of meals.  She does not eat anything that you place on her plate.  She
had that elegant taste, a bit of salmon and tasty tuna but quite repel beef, lamb and chicken morsels.
If you give the right food, she awards you with a smile and a cuddly whisk of the tail.

Aiko had that bit of a temper.  If she does not like the situation, her tail just grizzle and stands up
with reverberation.  I got afraid, I thought she is going to bite.  I kept my cool and she must know
that I am the Boss!   Later, she got the message; I gaze at her with authority and pouted at her

I know that having a cat is a bit of part-time job.  With me who has a lot of things on my plate, I
have to juggle with the chores of an animal attendant.  Mind you, a little bit of psychology and
organisation is required.  During the day, let her play early sunrise until she is flat-out.  Well, time
to sleep till about  3 pm the time for her journey around the yard and surrounds.  At evening, she plays
again till almost 11 and I am now flat out.  Time to sleep for me and she had to sleep, too.  I am not
really being autocratic but just sensible.  At late dawn, she will wake me up, but that's good.  It is
time for morning prayers and we save energy for clock alarm.

After a year, my fondness for Aiko is near the crest.  But wait, I have to temper my love for the
cat because I would like the Lord to be always the centre of my love.  But everytime I go out, I look
at her and seems so heavy hearted to leave.  This is just normal affection, but I really have to
balance it.

Aiko is a superb guard.  Whenever there are people walking outside during the night, she will
purr.  It is like a dog but I save myself from the snarls and barking of a dog.  At the same time, she is maturing and getting over the charms of the male species.  She could not be bothered.  Well enough.
Yes folks, that's Aiko, an interesting canine specie.  I still believe that God gives us pets to be
amused and to make our life exciting in a way!

( 4parts follow, then Conclusion)  Part 11 (AIKO GOT LOST)

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