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Saturday, January 25, 2020



Aiko looked so haggard and anxious when found her among the bushes on the other
side of the street.  I quickly fed her with her favourite tuna and salmon; seems to be a treat.
I resolve to be more careful next time as for her going and coming.  I thought she learned a lesson
too, that life outside is not easy because she is already a domesticated cat.

Then, my family in town invited us because one of them is having his birthday.  Time to pack up
all the necessary things for the journey.  I whisphered to Aiko, "You are going to have a good time.
We are going to town about an hour's drive from here."  She wagged her tail as if she was excited.

The day had arrived and we are all excited.  We are going to spend the weekend there.  After
hurdling the traffic in the city, we finally arrived to the town of Tarshish.  I love this place because
it is not overcrowded as in the city.  There are still many grasslands and marshes which evoke a
feeling of nature.  Aiko, went down from the car just like a regal princess.  She seems to be
surveying the place as it is the first time we went to town.  The house was newly-built so there is
an air of freshness there.

Aiko just run with all her might.  She loves to roll on the grasses and probably she treats them as carpet.BAfter an hour of playing, she went inside for her special meal.  The house has about 5  bedrooms, so she frolic around from room to room as if an inspector.  Finally, she doze off in one of soft cloth that I provided.

I love the scenery here.  We went outside to view the sunset.  Since the place was situated somewhat on a hill, it seems that we are closer to the sky.  The sunset at this time was a mixture of brown, red and bluish hues.  Just beautiful!  We can sense the glory of God in the manifestation of the sunset.  I can never forget these moments; I felt closer to the Almighty.

Well, Aiko woke up at about 7:00 pm and she seems so rested.  I start to cuddle it just like a mother
cuddling her baby.  The thing with Aiko, whereever I am she follows.  She never care much about other people but just look for me all the time.  Truly, the bond becomes stronger, she is a pet that is special to me and the family.  Then after the weekend, we went back to the city with a mix of sadness and comfort of going back home.

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