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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

As Tears Flow: Poem by Maria Cassia

The season change from spring to autumn, then winter/Thought will never end as tears flow/It was only an illusion, bare of truth/A mirage of confusion and mire/It ended, your love changed/ I should not have known it so there’s no pain!

I asked from above, why have I met you?  Was it by chance that it grew in my heart?  Was it a fascination short-lived that should never be/As tears flow, I knew you will never know the depths of it/A wrong feeling that ensues like a fountain?

Let the ebbs stop now for my heart ❣ so drab and mellow!  It was a secret yet I know you felt it/But never, never should it be!Let me forget you, will take some time/Could not bear anymore, as tears 😭 flow.  It was wrong yet why did my heart deceive me?  I will cry endless tears, we are not meant to be/Let me forget the sweet moments, let me sleep now!

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