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Tuesday, January 14, 2020


By Cynthia Abegail


(Please read this nice story of how romance developed fast. Age not a barrier!! Excellent Cynthia.)New World

Aunt Rosario is a typical old maid; cranky, meticulous and Oh! strict. When I heard from
Mum that we are going to have a week's holiday in the province of Ilo-Ilo, I exclaimed,
"Why on all the earth that we have to go to Aunt Rosario's house." I added, "Can't we just go to
Uncle Pepe, Mum? The place is closer and there's a lot of coconut trees there. I love just to drink coconut juice because my cousin told me that it is good for my liver and kidneys."

Mum replied, "Your Aunt Rosario is already in her forties and we haven't seen each other for
three years." My pleading did not get a fair hearing! What can you do? I am only about
eighteen years of age and in our culture, one has to be twenty one to get independence!
Hmm, anyway, I will just not really get close to my aunt.
I have heard how fiery her temper (Mum usually recounts their younger days)
is! I am sometimes nervous of temperamental people! It gives me the creeps.
Anyway, we brought my Dad's first cousin who is about fifty three years old. He is Rommel,
the typical debonair man who does not like to be tied up in marriage. Uncle is really good looking and even at his age, women just swoon over him.

He got that charisma that I could not explain whether X factor or Z. i packed my bags but I am not looking forward to this trip!

At last the day of reckoning came... There by the door of her simple hut, Aunt Rosario is waiting for us. You know that face which is almost like an eggplant because she frowns a lot!
Suddenly, Uncle Rommel quickly followed us with his red, ragged bag.
Aunt Rosario hugged my Mum graciously and then kissed me saying, "Is this Mary Rose,
the eldest in the family? I shyly nodded and kissed her with reserve.
Mum said, "Before I forget, I would like you to meet Rommel, Dado's cousin." Aunt Rosario
looked at him, their eyes locked and it seems that she was in a sort of a trance. I could not
blame her! Uncle Rommel really has a lot of women caught by a net.

Then dinner came! I was surprised, instead of those frowns like the crevasse of a jagged
mountain, her smiles are mysterious. You know, I am used to this kind of things because
I usually read "The Body Language of a Woman in Love."

There you go... I am almost in my bedroom when I passed by her austere room. What?
Aunt Rosario putting on a bit of lipstick! Mum told me as I remembered that my Aunt
hates makeup!
Then she went out, I am not really following them, I am only curious at this age.
Close to midnight, I have heard some giggles. With my sleeping robe on, I went out quietly
because Mum is fast asleep.

Guess what, Uncle Rommel and Aunt Rosario are still exchanging stories...
Well, when they saw me, they said they are already quite sleepy. No more frowns,
no more temper; indeed I will enjoy the rest of the week.
In the morning, Uncle Rommel used an axe to break the big firewood for my aunt.
They usually exchange those sweet glances. How funny when older people fell in
love; it seems to be more intense than young people!
After another six days, we are now getting ready to go home. Aunt Rosario seems to
be very sad because Uncle is going back to Manila because of work. But Uncle said, "Do
not worry, I will write you often." I will file a leave to be back after a month.

Uncle Rommel really went back to Ilo-Ilo and kept his word. After a year, we received
an invitation from Uncle. Finally, he is getting married!
Well, Aunt Rosario is so pretty in her pure white bridal gown with half a meter train!
I am happy because I was also one of the maids of honor. The wedding was lavish and
joyful. She is now beaming with smile and whispered to Mum, "Thanks, sister,
you're a gem!

All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail

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