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Saturday, January 25, 2020


A new family had moved into a house in Woodpecker's Drive, about 30 kilometers east of the city of Eaglenest. Lucia, a widow in her fifties lives there now with her daughter Jamie and Roderick, a ten year old whiz of computer.
Both her children have one thing in common; their fascination with computers. On the other hand, Lucia (her nickname is Luz) does not trust this box. She almost has an intense phobia with this technology.
It is now time for supper and the coy mother called her two weird children.
Luz peeped through the door of Jamie who is busy with the videocam.
She knocked politely and said, "Supper is ready now, are you really busy?"
Jamie chuckled, "Oh Mum, could I just hang on for about 10 minutes, Brad is on the screen." Luz replied, "Alright, but just 10 minutes only. I do not like you to miss supper."
Then, she knocked on Rod's door, "Darling, supper is ready now, please come out."
Rod chuckled, "Oh, please Mum, could I just have another fifteen minutes. I am just busy with the Facebook." She entered his room and was shocked when she saw the screen.
About 50 or more faces from nowhere! "Who are these people?", she exclaimed? Rod replied, "Do not worry, Mum they are friends of my friends and;friends of my friends' friends." Luz worried about this overwhelming situation
said, "Be careful with that game! Rod answered, "No, Mum this is not a game,
this is a social network for the whole world! Luz said, "Whatever!"

At last, the small family ate their supper! Afterwards, she quickly organised the kitchen and the living room. She is desperate to go to bed after a long day of cleaning
the house. Then, she saw an Iphone with all windows opened. She thought,
"Oh! calendar and weather, seems interesting... but I still love my new calendar!"
The next Saturday, she saw Jamie watching a video from the computer.
She said, "Jamie,what happened to the DVD that I gave you last Christmas.
Jamie said, "Oh! Mum, did you know that you can watch a lot of interesting
videos from Youtube! Luz asked, "And what is Youtube, by the way.
Jamie who was busy replied, "Mum, one day I am going to give you
an orientation on computers. It is now a new century, Mum! Luz, who
is far conservative replied, "Never mind!"
She went to the garden to cool off from things which seems alien to her.
Suddenly a cat jumped off from their neighbor's fence. She heard a voice, "Kitty, come here. Goodness,
this cat!" A man, probably in his sixties or seventies ran in her front roadway and called Politely,
"Hello! Can I get my cat please, she jumped over your fence!" Luz rushed infront
and guess what, she saw an older man who looks like her first love at teens.
Cullen was also mesmerised because at at the age of fifty, Luz looks young and pretty.
They had a brief encounter and after that day, Luz always tend her roses at the front, not at the back. Well, well, there must be something brewing here! On the other hand,
Cullen accompanies his cat outside for many hours, I do not know why!
After a month of just sweet glances, Cullen had the courage now to invite her to watch an opera.
Luz thought, "What! opera, of all things to watch." On second thought, "
All right, at least he is there!
After the opera, they ate in a posh restaurant. Needless to say, it was a candlelight dinner.
Wait, I forgot to mention that Cullen is a widow of three years; that make it more interesting; and all of his children are married.
Cullen opened the conversation, "Do you know how to e-mail?" Luz was taken aback and said, "Not really." Cullen replied, "Well, e-mail is a fast method to communicate
now. Do you like me to teach you so that we can write each other?" Luz shyly responded,
"Oh no! My daughter Jamie will teach me. I do not like to bother you too much."
After a night of sweet whispering and joking, Cullen dropped her home. They seem not wanting to release each other's hands. Luz slept only after a few hours of recollecting
the night.
The following morning, Luz called, "Jamie, where are you, could you please teach me how to e-mail. Jamie, astounded, said, "What ...It is funny that you are interested now with this e-mail (tone with a tease). Luz answered, "No more queries, please!" After a few months of tutoring, I saw Jamie knocking on Luz' door... "Mum, supper is ready! Of which Luz replied with exasperation, "Could you please give me ten minutes or more; I am still chatting with Cullen! Oh, I have to visit also a new
website... "
Moral of the story: "One will never really know what's next! Anything can happen!
(Our distinguished writer Cynthia Abegail has a very beautiful short story for our respected
readers of New World. Thanks Cynthia)

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