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Friday, January 17, 2020


It is quite interesting how I became a poetess!  I have a dream to be a poetess from a young age of seven.  I would rhyme some words in our language and my friends would just stare at me and say, "How flowery your words are."  In high school, I wrote poems in scraps of paper and I will keep it.  I would share my poems in newsletters and have them published.  I forgot all about my passion for about ten years and I migrated to Australia.

Suddenly, my passion for poetry revived again.  And I prayed to the Lord, "Nothing is impossible for you, Oh Lord, how can I publish my poems in the internet, I do not even know any publisher."

After 3 days, I saw somebody wrote in an email saying, "If you like to publish your poems, jokes or short stories, just submit to this email address.  I was quite adamant at first because of the many viruses occurring everywhere.  On second thought, "This maybe the answer to my prayer.  At dawn, I wrote my first poem in Australia, There is No Other--- dedicated to God Almighty.  At that time, I was a facilitator of Missionaries of Jesus, also having yearly Praise Concerts for the Lord.  I was awaiting for a reply for the submission and I was elated, the Chief Editor, then, George Kurian liked it.

That was the beginning of my journey in New World.  I wrote more poems, of course, as an inspiration from our beloved Lord and also to impress my new Editor!  More poems were composed until it totalled 150.

Maybe, because of my zeal for God and my dedication to writing, I was promoted from a writer to Associate Editor, Asia and Far East Pacific.  Wow, I said to myself, "How did that happen?"

Along the way, George was motivating me and other writers to write jokes, short stories and the like.  I could not believe it in my eyes that I have a hidden talent in writing short stories.  I penned another 100 short stories and heaps of jokes.  Along the way, George gave golden comments which are inspiring until he assigned me to post about 3-4 items together with his assistant, Abraham G.

George is a great mentor in literature.  He loves to read poetry and short stories.  He also loves the jokes of Zoorjee, the postings of his friends Abraham G, Sr ELSIE Baby, Thomas Philip Ranni, Thomas Kallapurayil, Cherian Varghese, Neetha and Preetha Thomas, Mary Varghese, Jane Pimenta and many more.

George is not only one of my best friends but mostly a mentor who guided me along my writing career.  George, I will always remember you as a great, intelligent editor with a big, warm and caring heart.  Vale George...

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