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Saturday, January 11, 2020



Janet is a bubbly, clever working girl who is single but
engaged to Sturt, a professor of physics in the University
of Springland. They are very much in love and when they
meet, they are inseparable. Thanks, they only meet once
a week.

Sturt always dreams of Janet. Once he dreamt that they
are getting married. There is only one barrier, Janet loves
to be single. She is the independent type of person who
loves life to the full. On the other hand, she loves Sturt,
she has no option but to marry him.

The day of their marriage arrives. Janet is so happy that
she seems to leap like a deer. The church was full; the
decorations are lovely while the bride looks divine! Sturt
was all-smiles as he walks to the altar for his bride. The
priest tied their vows through God's graces.

After a year of blissful marriage, they were blessed with
a son. On the other hand, Janet developed a rare disease,
a Jacob's syndrome that ate her brain slowly. Soon, she
became almost a vegetable. Tears are on Sturt's face as
he looked at Janet with compassion and pity. Soon, Janet
died of this debilitating disease. She left Sturt with ample
wealth as Janet came from a well-off family.

But this is not important to Sturt. Janet is his first and last
love. He said, "For better or for worst, till death do us part,
you will always be the woman in my heart. I love you Janet,
I will never forget you till the end of time." Now, Sturt has
all white hair. He was looking at their family album. He told
his teenage son, "This is a picture of your Mum, I will never


Moral: The sanctity of marriage is encouraged to be upheld.

"What God puts together, no one puts asunder."

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