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Sunday, January 19, 2020


Joe was an ordinary student who just loves to improve
his lot in life. He enrolled for a few subjects although
he is already middle-aged. He believes in his capacity
to pass and even to get high marks. Joe is not that
casual person you see around the corner. He is gifted
and can even ask tricky questions that the teachers are
sometimes baffled!

On the other hand, tragedy strike not only once but twice.
He was in deep financial black-hole that he thought that
this situation is a trial for him. One more thing, his daughter
was caught up in drugs. He muttered, "What have I done
wrong?" He tried to remain calm, but it was too late: he
developed slight depression.

Since Joe was still studying and about to graduate, he had
a difficult time concentrating and after a series of High
Distinctions, he failed one subject. He cried and asked the
Lord, "Is there any more that I could do after this severe
crisis in my life?" But, he never lost hope. With some
consultation, he was able to rebound slowly and passed
the next subject. Then, he got another level higher than

He prayed more and one day, I met him and I was surprised!
He does not look depressed anymore and we even shared a laugh.
Joe told me," Thanks to my prayers to God that I was able to
rebound from my desolation." I told him, "Keep on
not lose hope. Keep on lighting the candle. Joe told me, "Thanks
Maria for being a good friend during my difficult time." I replied,
"You're welcome. What are friends for?"

Morale: We never will know what's in store for us. One day, we
are fine, the next day we are at the ebb of things. Pray hard
at all times. God helps those who help themselves not only in
action but most of all in prayers!

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