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Sunday, January 26, 2020


Who said that life is drab, sullen and unimaginably
dark? Let us face it squarely! I understand--for there are moments when your car breakdown in the middle of a searing hot day or on a blizzard-filled morning. Many times that some people may have trouble meeting both ends. At times, our loved ones did not even care or annoying people just get to our
We may not have found the rosy jobs we have dreamed
of or we may not have the house of our dreams. We
may have stumbled over people who have hurt us
in one way or another.
All of those things are passing! Have we looked at
the other end of the spectrum? How about those
days that you are relaxing by the beachside and
saw the frolicking waves and the bustling life below
the surface? How about those days when your
beloved just out of the blue brought you those nice,
robust red roses or chocolates? How about those
days your partner whisphered to you sweet-nothings?
How about those months you have visited any part
of the world and you said, "How relaxing!"
How about those nights your son or daughter hugged you
tightly while you snuggle inside those white fluffy blankets
and felt so cosy? How about those years you have met
your best friends and have dinner after a long, long time.
And the smile, yes, the of your beloved friend and
relatives or even strangers.
What more, look at the sky! There can be nothing as fiery
as those skies except probably women! At times, it could
be serene as a child, then suddenly thunder, lightning...
heavy rain or snow! How fascinating...
Life is beautiful especially if we love God and our neighbors.
What we can do for our needy and poor brothers and
sisters, we have done for God.
 Life is beautiful!
Cynthia Abegail

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