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Thursday, January 30, 2020


Wife: Have you seen my fly swat?
Husband: Yes!
Wife: Don't move, there's a fly on
your head.

Student: I really think Dr Rosales that I deserve
a better grade.
Dr Rosales: Well, I think you just deserve a pass.
Student: Could you not change the way you think?
Dr Rosales: Why not, if you change how your brain

James: I have joined the "Millionaire's Quiz" It was
a funny experience!

Luz: Great. How many questions did you answer

James: None. I just told you it was a funny experience.

Luz: Grr...

Walter: Where do you live?
Jane: #75 Caravan in Riverbend.
Walter: It seems not to be in Melway or Navigator. You're
Jane: I am sure I live in a caravan near the river...

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