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Friday, January 31, 2020

Mary Rose fell in love: Short Story by Maria Cassia

Well, Mary Rose is kind of a serious person, working hard in all aspects of her life.  She is not girl next door and she really did not fall in love seriously in the past.

One day, out of the blue, she met this interesting guy, so full of virtues and definitely caring.  At first, it was a casual friendship; after a period of 9 months, suddenly her heart beats differently.

Oh dear, she fell in love and she could not believe it.  The only thing, it’s a forbidden kind of love!  It will not materialise.  So Mary Rose decided to forget him.  Not as of yet because the feeling is still there!

Mary Rose cried!  Why him of all the people?  She became sad and what’s funny, whenever she meets the guy, she could not speak, she seems to be dumbfounded.  That’s how serious it is.

It’s kind of a problem for her.  She missed the guy but when they meet, she is so shy and nervous.  Well, Mary Rose, be quick for there are many girls who like him.  Mary Rose replied, “Oh it’s forbidden anyway!  Never be mind, then she cried again.  Oh oh, is she getting mad?  Not with a man, tsk tsk...

Mary Rose told me, “Yes, I will forget him!”  Oh, when will I see him again?  My friend is getting delusional.  Then I exclaimed:  When will this madness stop?  It’s forbidden anyway!!!

All rights reserved: Maria Cassia

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