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Monday, January 6, 2020



Once there was a couple who were about to have a baby.
However, the mother became very ill so each night the
husband took some vegetables from the witch garden to
make her wife well. Unfortunately, the witch caught him
one night. The witch shouted, 'in payment, you will give
me your baby.'
When the baby was born, the witch took her away. The baby
whose name is Rapunzel grew to be a lovely lady. The witch
imprisoned her in a tower where she would lower her hair
for the witch to climb up the tower.
One day a prince saw Rapunzel and fell in love with her at
first sight. He called on Rapunzel to lower her hair as he
had seen before. Rapunzel obeyed and the prince went up
the tower. The witch caught them as they were on their
way to escape. She pushed the prince from the tower. As
the prince landed on a rose bush, he was blinded with a thorn.
The prince wandered through the forest for years; suddenly he
heard Rapunzel singing. The prince cried and as Rapunzel
rushed to him, her tears rolled into the prince' eyes. His sight
was restored. Rapunzel and the prince returned to his kingdom
where they were married. Rapunzel's mother and father went
to the wedding. They all lived happily ever after.
Source: Favourite Fairy Tales by E. Borghesi (all rights reserved)

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