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Wednesday, January 15, 2020



A day in autumn as I walk in the garden
What! A flower surmounting its petals
Reddish with tiny pink oozing of buds
Quite odd in this season of brownish---

Curious about the rarity, sat on the grass!
Is this real or just a dream in the cold day
Eyes twinkle, doubting its reality to boon
O' could not believe it blooms by June.

But its just a metaphor, my beloved ensues
The flower in my heart never fades in season
It always bloom, I know its rare and flowing
Do not comprehend; quite mysterious alone!

Though the petals captivates a rare scent,
There's a question that was not answered
Does the one I love truly never forgets---
The scenic memories that only we beget?

Anyhow, anywhere, does not really matter!
What is enigmatic is the joy I feel O' where
He loves me, yet he loves me not--- maybe?
Just like the rare flower that arise, how?

All rights reserved: Maria Cassia Austero

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