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Thursday, January 16, 2020



It is a dreary afternoon, with snowflakes breezing on my face!
Here I go again, another day of listening to this mysterious
professor who seem to know the atlas of the world, but never
had any clue on what is going all over the place!

"Hi Nikita, have you read the article about the philosophers in
the Middle Ages?" Nikita replied, "Oh no, I attended a dinner
for my fiancee's birthday. Is he going to have a roll call?" I
answered with a tease, "You are the first one on the list."

Speaking of the saint, here he passed again. As usual, he is wearing
that same black and white ensemble with the same strange beard.
"O' Nikita, have you seen Prof. James?" Nikita replied, "Well,
well, of course. What a teacher, he never miss to answer Joey's
questions, that naughty smart guy. By the way, why you do not
ask a question this semester?" I replied, "I am afraid to ask a question,
I think I was able to stalemate him a bit and I really did not mean it.
No, do not worry; he may have forgotten it."

Prof James entered the room with an air of dignity. One can't hear any
sound. There's a sound of silence, just like, you know the song of Simon
and Garfunkel. Everybody just seem to write notes; and everything he says.
Guess what, I thought, he is amused.

Prof James said, "I would like your essay on time because I will be on holiday."
I whispered to Nikita, "Are you ready?" Nikita wryly smiled, "I haven't even
started. I will race it in a week." How about you? I said, "I am halfway, but
I think I will be fine."

Then the time passed and it's over. I bravely asked a question while he is not busy.
Prof. James, "Do you think this phase of my essay is alright?'
He answered, "Well, you have to convince me it's alright." I thought, "What an
answer!" Upon pondering, "Well, I think he is right. But on second thought, this
professor is difficult to please. I need to pray and work harder tonight."

Then, the semester ended. I have felt a sense of relief. Well, he is really brilliant, but
he has no clue of the affective sphere of other's feelings. Yes, O' yes--- teachers are quite
different. What I know is Prof James is just serene and enigmatic.

But he had an impact on me. I now started to play Suduko to increase my
speed and vivacity! Then after one year, I will enrol in his subject. Yes, and
he will be amazed, "Isn't this the student who just never had a clue on philosophy?
How she's brilliant! Well folks, it is never bad to dream sometimes, isn't it?
All rights reserved: Maria Cassia

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