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Sunday, January 26, 2020

The Ember of Love# Cynthia Abegail

( This is a very beautiful poem indeed)New World
This poem is an imagery of a love, dedicated for all
who is bewildered by this feeling that captivated
all generations...

Did you feel the rushing flame that burns,
The bushes by the fields that yearns
Colours of red, orange and amber
Boosts of winds that roars anear.

Looking back with eyes mesmerized,
Consummed everything on its paths
Is that how the heart alas reacts?
Hold it, I thought it goes with tact!

Cooling it with water with dismay,
It took days still in utter array
Nay, the embers still shoots
Wait, hold it, stop I beg...

Offshoots of just a tiny flame,
That was nurtured by kindness
Of thy heart so pure and sublime
Of thy ways so regal of clime!

Avalanche of rain should come,
This fire from heart to qualm
Did not come today but I said
Do not come, no not yet!

All rights reserved by
Cynthia Abegail

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