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Thursday, February 20, 2020



Jessica is just a vivacious lady with high moral values.
As I look at her, I could not help but be bewildered. She
has these pious ambitions and demeanour but you will
not notice it if you look at her. She has this shoulder-length
sassy hair whom she likes to color burgundy or sometimes
chestnut brown. Once, she arrives in the church with all
brilliant pins in the hair and O' she wears this chiffon pinkish
frock that is really attractive and elegant. She never denies
her ultra-modern looks. Once, I managed to corner her in the
park and ask, "Jessica, do you really dress this way even when
you were younger?" Jessica replied, "You know, I graduated
from a university where we wear shorts and tube blouses. What
I wear is already a mellow version." By the way, I am still young,
excuse me. I giggled, "Because, she is already about twenty- seven but
she looks only about nineteen old." I said, "Well, well that's
alright, I am just asking."

On the other hand, you will admire her for her prayer life. When she
is not in the church, she is at home either praying or cooking. All of
the devotions, you name it---she's there. But she has this temper, I
tried to dissuade her to temper it, otherwise she will have many enemies.
But she only likes to defend what is right. I just told her, "I do understand,
but others may commit mistakes, just like you, they are not perfect."

One misty morning, she came running really fast towards me. "Hi Sasha,
have I mentioned to you that I met this man, O' so adorable!" I replied,
"Who is this again, "This is not John or Peter, isn't it?" Jessica replied,
"No, no, no--- he is the best among the best." I asked her, "Could you
describe him to me." Jessica paused with panting, "He is brilliant, gentle and
loving." I snorted, "And so are John or Peter, you told me last year. " She
replied, "This time is for real."

After three days, she brought me to a computer and show his picture. "But
Jessica, he is a lot older than you are." Jessica said, "But I am in love." I
quipped, "Love is not enough, you have to use your brains."

After a month, I was running to Jessica... "Guess what, I met this man and he
is really oozing with appeal." I showed him his picture. Jessica screamed,
"Are you mad, he is about 20 years older than you are." I snorted, "But I am
in love." Jessica smiled and said, "You have to use your brains." I pleaded,
Jessica, don't ever mention this to Dad, please! Jessica teased me and said,
"We have to go to the canteen now, remember the treat!"

Morale: "Never say ended words; we may never know it will happen to us!"

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