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Friday, February 21, 2020

He loves me, he loves me not: Short Story by Maria Cassiia

Have you ever seen a guy like this?  He keeps me guessing.  Sometimes, he seems to love and he is swept by my beauty.  Sometimes he could not care less.

Well, I am beginning to suspect that this guy is narcissist.  A characteristic of that kind of person that put you in a trap of kindness, until you do not have any option but to like him and even love 💖 him!

My dear friends, it happened to me.  At first, this guy does not mean anything to me.  But later, due to his persistence, it reversed in full colour!  Now, I yearn for him and I just like to him no matter what.  Is this really love or I was just psychologically hijacked 😊. Funny, it happened to me, a person of snobbish bearing and disconcerted anyway.

The thing is:  He had a charisma for women.  Wherever he is, women ran after him.  I am not concerned coz I think he likes me.  How do I know?  I can feel it unless my heart has a kind of false illusion.  Well, why the story?  Guys, it’s Valentines Day!  I was expecting sweet red roses but I received sweet nothings.  I am still excited, he likes me and that’s what’s important. 

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