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Saturday, February 1, 2020


Wife:  Have you seen my husband, I am looking for him  all day!

Carl:  The more you look for him, the more he will not

appear, that's the psychology of men.  Leave him alone.

Wife:  I did that already, he appeared after a month!



Darren:  Have you heard why Nick got angry at his wife?

John:  No!  Please tell me!

Darren:  The wife delivered her baby.  Oh, the son's hair

was blonde!

John:  What's wrong with blonde hair, that's nice!

Darren:  His husband is Indian.



Student:  Mam, have I passed?

Teacher:  No.

Student:  Mam, could we doctor it?

Teacher:  Yes, you need to consult a doctor

to pass next time!

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