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Sunday, February 16, 2020


Have you ever stopped and reflect on your life?
The other day, everything seems rosy and you
seem to be jumping over the moon. Well, it could
not be better! The next day, something happened
probably to your car, to your loved one or your cat
may have been missing and many, many things.
Well, the next day, the car was fixed, your loved
one got well or your cat was found!
The roller coaster of life is just unbelievable. Yes,
at times, you ask yourself, why me? Well, don't say
that, it could have been worst than that!
How about looking at the crippled... You have four
legs and arms, I mean in total. How about gazing at
the deaf and mute, the cancer patient or the blind.
Count your blessings, its a multitude.
Life is a puzzle. It's a struggle at times. What's next?
But the good news is God helps us; we may be unaware
but look... you are not sick forever; you are not poor
at all times; you are not sad for long years.
Joy is a thing forever! No matter what, do not give in
to negativity. The tower maybe in fire, the building
may collapse, the job may have been lost and you may
have lost the love of your beloved.
Truly life is more than a tower, a building , a job or a
person that you care for. Although it can be depressing
I know for sure.
Seek Him and all things will be added unto you!
Cynthia Abegail

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