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Thursday, June 23, 2022

LIFE: Poem by Maria Cassia

Enigmatic, mysterious how life can be,  One day face with a grin and smile, And the next gloomy with tears a mile.  One day, the plains bright and green, And the next its smoke and brownish sheen.

I saw a hurricane rushing in the ocean, Lord have mercy on Thine people.  Thine power is beyond understanding, Thine Will incomprehensible.  Thine give signs in the sky 🌌 and in the sea, in the meadows of fire 🔥 and from the core and its faults.  

O' Lord, relent as Thine anger devours!  As you had relented in the time of Jonah, may our love for Thee appease Thine anger.  O' Lord, thine mercy is deeper than the ocean and extend to all.  Lord, your power could not be contained.  Let us turn back from our rebellion and praise God forever.  Our lives are in His hands!

Maria Cassia Austero

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