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Friday, February 7, 2020


THE BLOSSOM IS BACK AGAIN- PART III BY SAJI VIZHA... Saji Vizhag, The Blossom Is Back Again(Saji Vizhag's beautiful story The Blossom Is Back Again- Part III)
Rachel was there. “Good Morning Rachel . How are you feeling. ?"
"I feel better "she answered with a smile. I noticed some excitement in her eyes. Her eyes were lively and it seemed that she was very happy.
I kept the apple on the side table.
"What is this.?" She asked curiously
I uncovered the packet and told "Some apples only."
" You are taking so much pain for me ! "she told me with an obliging smile.
" It is not a pain but a pleasure. When is your son coming?" looking at her beautiful face, I asked.
For a moment, I thought my mind was flying me back to the good old college days when I and Rachel travelled together to the College.
" May be not. For him to get leave from his job is not that easy, since he has to complete a project." Then she paused a little and looked at my face. For a few moments it seemed that we were in two worlds apart.
" Mathews you didn’t tell anything about you. I told you all the important events that took place in my life . Your marriage was also arranged one ? Right ? "she asked .
"Yes .When you don’t get what you wanted , then you have to go for what you can get...arranged or whatever ." I laughed . She also laughed.'
" Like me. isn’t it.?
"You are absolutley right, Rachel. Life is flowing like a stream and we have to flow with its course.. "
We both smiled . For a little while, we both kept silent. Finally, Rachel broke the silence.
Looking at my face, she asked " Mathews you didn’t ask me who was the prince Charming for whom I was waiting. "
Definitely I became very curious. My heart began beating fast because I was that eager to know who it was. I wanted to ask her but had not enough strength and voice did not come out from my mouth.
To my surprise Rachel took my hands suddenly and told ," It was you only Mathews , for whom I had waited for seven long years. But you never turned up." Her eyes filled with tears.
I also felt pain in the corner of my heart but slowly it became lighter and lighter. I held her hands tightly and told.
"I was a fool Rachel , I loved you so much those days but didn’t have the courage to tell you the same , as I thought you never had similar feelings towards me. "
Two three drops of tears fallen from my eyes on her hand.
Two days later Rachel was discharged from the hospital.
Before she left the hospital I promised to pay a visit to her house with my wife.  (Part 1V coming).

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