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Thursday, February 20, 2020


From the book of Ecclesiasticus we can find the astute words of the Lord,
"I have put before you water and fire.  Whichever you choose shall be given to
you."  The free will is one of the greatest gift of God to man.  He or she has
the right to his own decisions.  On the other hand, man has to accept the
consequences of his actions.

All actions whether good or bad has effects to all that is around him, not less
to that within him.  If  a person commit adultery, he will affect the people around him
and at the same time the death of his soul at that very moment unless he quickly
repents.  Sometimes we can take for granted the things that we do like some
gossip, a bit of haughty look, a sarcastic smile, an ironic reply or a bitter or
acidic words that we utter to our neighbours.

It is good to be prudent and wise in our daily lives.  By ourselves alone, it is almost
impossible to choose water at all times.  We all need God's grace.  By then, it will become
lighter.  Not without trials, but still God will carry us through our ordeals.  It takes
faith, yes but the fruits will be greater.

When the fruits are better, we look back again and affirm in our minds the Lord
did not give anyone permission to sin.  Sin is missing the mark of being a child of
God.  This is why we have to run always to Lord Jesus, the source of our salvation.
Without the Cross, everything will be futile.  We have to endure the Cross to
attain salvation.

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