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Monday, March 23, 2020

Autumn 🍂 is coming (In the South)

Sometimes I wonder why I am fascinated with autumn.  But with silent recollection, I like the humidity of this season.  It’s not so damp and it’s not so dry either.

Secondly, I just love the colourful hues of leaves, brownish, yellowish and the like!  I like it’s random disorderliness.  It’s not that rigid because flies goes everywhere.  I recall the concept of freedom.  It’s not as if, you’re here, you’re there and sometimes “catch you.”

Thirdly, it echoes romantic memories!  Remember the time when you and your loved one sit under a tree full of autumn leaves.  Then, you exchange sweet-nothings; then the wind blew your ebony hair that your coiffure was wrinkled!  It’s so natural and sweet.  It’s good one does not have a wig, otherwise the romance is spoiled.  Joke only!

You may like the magenta colour or the burgundy ones.  Yes, it boils down to my favourites again!  Colour sometimes touch our moods and it’s appropriateness of course is sought.  I like to share with you a funny incident.  Once, I led a Bible Group inside a chapel in the Church.  I did not realise there was a coming funeral.  At that time I was wearing my favourite carmine red dress.  As I stepped out, all people had their blazing eyes on me, they’re all in black!  I almost waved sorry and I confidently went out without ado.  It was accidental though,  but one can wear white now anyway.

Going back to autumn, I dream of going to Wisconsin by autumn because it’s so lovely there that time.  It might take five years from now.  It resonates an excitement in my heart.  By that time, I will feel the mellowness of autumn in the South.

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