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Monday, March 30, 2020



When Jesus says that we should become like little children, He is not talking about our intellectual maturity, but our level of trust. Just as Sarah trusts her parents and her grand parents He wants me to trust Him too. With absolutely faith that He will never give me anything that is not good for me, and He will never harm me.

There are times when Sarah would cry to be carried and fussed all the time, and I would try to distract her, or deliberately leave her on her own to amuse herself. She would continue to cry, but I would encourage her to stay down. These are not exactly happy times for her, and I longed to pick her up and carry her, after all she was our first grandchild, but I thought too much carrying may not be good for the physical and emotional growth of the child, so I left her on the mat and played with her.

Similarly there are times that God is saying to me too, that there are certain things that I ask for, that are not good for me, and even though I pray, and cry and fret, He does not give them to me. He encourage me to trust Him and grow in faith that even though He is saying ‘no’ to me just then, He is not working against me, that His no is for my good.

There were a few days when Sarah was sick and we had to give her antibiotics, and cough syrups. She did not like them and would spit them out, but since we knew the value of what we were giving her, we would scoop it up from her face and put it right back into her mouth! Ultimately she had to swallow it and thought that action seemed heartless, it was not so, it was really for her physical well being.

There were difficult moment for her parents too when they had to give her, her vaccination, and do her blood grouping. The fact that she was going to get a poke and it would hurt her, upset her parents a great deal, but still her father held her down at these times, and allowed the doctor to poke her!! I am sure their hearts must have broken in pieces, yet they did what they had to knowing that it was for her good! They certainly did not enjoy those moments with their child, yet they knew that that pain was necessary and vital in Sarah’s life for her future good.
A sweet and touching story. We look forward for Part 111. Excellent). New World

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