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Friday, March 20, 2020


Daniella is basically a dreamer. When we enrolled in a class of
Art and Literature, I did not know how severe her sleeping and
dreamer syndrome is. Just to give you a frank example, the Art
Professor led us to the Art Room to see a film of the paintings of
Rubens, Matisse and Michaelangelo. I was so excited. For one
thing, Rubens is a favorite of mine, is he the one who painted
the Prodigal Son?

Here we are in the theater, so so dark that you could fall if you
are not careful enough! I was enjoying the film when I heard a slight
sound. I asked myself, "What is that strange and annoying sound?"
For all you know, it is no one else butDaniella. Goodness me!
She is snoring, it is good that she is at the back of the theater. I nudge
her politely, because you know she is my friend. Alas, she awoke.
She asked me, is Robert here? I was
exasperated. "Who is Robert?" Well, sorry... I had a dream, I
thought Robert and I are in a cinema. I said, "Do you like to pass
this subject or not?" Daniella replied, "Of course."

Then I asked, "What was the film all about?" Daniella held my hand,
"We are friends, are we not?" May I borrow your notes after the class!

"O' Daniella, you are such a dreamer! But alright, be sure to return it
tomorrow. If only you are not my friend, you will not be able to borrow
my treasured notes about Rubens and Michaelangelo."

Daniella replied, "How about a treat in the coming feast in the nearby
city next week." I gushed, "All right, but do not make this a habit."
Daniella replied, "Promise!"

We graduated and I have lost contact with her. Once, I was reading
a magazine, then I saw the name, Daniella Romero--- a prominent
painter and novelist will visit the famous university --- my
Alma Mater.

I sighed, "O' Daniella, you're such a genius! You just copied my notes
and here you are." Yes folks, some people are sleepers and dreamers.
But, greatness could start from a dream. Praise the Almighty.

All rights reserved: Maria Cassia Austero

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