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Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Dad, Mum and I went to the city one idyllic day!  Mum gushed, "Hmm, what are we going to watch
today, Dado?  Dad looked around and saw the sign outside a cinema, "Dr Zhivago."
"Well, girls, this must be interesting?"  I shifted my body with disgust, "Not that one, Dad  I
prefer to watch the movie about Desi Arnaz, Jr.  Please!  My dad said, "No!"  I have seen the trailer
of this movie and I can guarantee you both that it is worth it.  I sulked, but to no avail, Dad already
got the tickets.

What can I do, I am at a tender age of  fourteen and I do not have much rights at the moment!
Dad is a Reservist and a Commandant, too.  No wonder.  I sat near my Mum just to show Dad
that I do not like to see this movie in the first place, it is for adults.

Alright, after a screening of ten minutes, here comes Dr Zhivago!  Oh, he is so handsome, so
suave and charming.  You know how a teenager reacts to this situation.  Now, here comes
Lara, the heroine in the movie.  Suddenly, the sound track, "Somewhere my Love" was
played...Oh, look at the sunflowers and then Dr Zhivago and Lara met there, how sweet.
My mind imagines I was Lara!  Wait, I thought I did not like this movie.  My Dad nudged
my Mum and whispers, "See your baby, she is grown up now, mesmerized at Dr. Zhivago.
Ampy replied, "Shh, keep quiet, I just love this scene!"  Dad teased Mum, "You also!"

I did not notice the time when it is already ending.  My heart is shouting, "No, the movie
should be put backwards."   Now it is time to go home.  Dad called me, "Mary Rose!"
I did not hear.  I was walking like on the top of the moon thinking about Lara and
Dr Zhivago!

After ten years and this thought comes to me, "Now I understand, when one is young---
relish the moment.  It will only come back in memories."  I remembered Lara, I can never
be Lara but Mary Rose.  Then I heard  John knocking!  John said, "Oh thanks you are
ready now for the party, I thought I am still going to wait for you, Lara....Hmm...
Mary Rose.  I pinched him heavy!  Dad told him about the story, I thought males could keep
a secret. 

All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail Bernardo

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