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Wednesday, March 11, 2020



My father, I come into your presence, even as I begin my day. I come to find WISDOM so that today I will not make foolish mistakes, so that I will know when to speak and when to keep silent, when to act, and when to refrain from action. I come to find PEACE, so that nothing may worry me or upset me today. I come to find COURAGE, to be patient, not to give up hope, to accept disappointment knowing You will turn all things for my good. I have come to find LOVE, so that nothing makes me bitter unforgiving and unkind. I have come to begin this DAY with You and I desire to continue this day with You so that it will be a day with nothing to regret. Father you are my provider and I know that you will provide my day's needs. Father you are my protector keep me this day free from all attacks from powers of darkness, cover me with precious Blood of your son Jesus and surround me with your angels. I make This Prayer in Jesus Name, AMEN.

(Thanks to  Rev Fr Jose Vettiyankal VC, a prominent provincial in India whose expertise is healing ministry through God's grace.
He has an apostolate to the Divine Mercy in an international
level.  Praise God for Fr. Jose and for all the Vincentians in
India and in the world).  New World

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Meri said...

Thanks for sharing this very simple and humble prayer! I have been attending Fr Jose's divine mercy ministery retreats in Bangalore since last September'2012 and have found tremendous improvement and healing in my spiritual, family and prayer Life. God bless you.