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Sunday, March 15, 2020


Passion is of the world.  The Lord has warned men about too much preoccupation
with the passions of one's heart.  Moderation is the key. 

If one allows himself to be ruled by his passion for the worldly desires as vices
and so on, he will be the laughing stock of his enemies at the end.  What is so sublime
as seeing a person so sober in his preoccupations and demeanour.  He is like a gold in a
hay stock of the earth.

Simplicity is beauty.  Anything that is gross and over the top is not of good taste.  Look at a man
shouting at the top of his voice, with all his passions on display.  It is not only shameful
in the eyes of men but abominable in the eyes of God.  Man was created sober and not
full of tempest and passion.  Man was created humble, joyful and kind.  Let The Holy Spirit
guide us on the right way to live and let us ask for the grace of wisdom and understanding.
Thus, we are averted from the passions that is not coming from the will of God for us!

Cynthia Abegail

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