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Friday, March 27, 2020

Spirituality and Pragmatism/No Conflict

There are times that people put a broad divide with pragmatism and spirituality!  It seems that when one is leaned into a spiritual perspective that he lose his pragmatic principles.

Pragmatism is logical; it takes a glimpse into what is reasonable to do.  A religious person could be pragmatic too in a way.  When one deals with science, it’s not necessarily that that person could not be close to God and spiritual things.  Actually he could be more scientific!  For science is not a field by itself.  It is under the sovereignty of God.  Everything is!

The more a person is close to God, the greater tendency for that person to be practical and logical.  For logic falls under the rule of the Almighty.  Next time they tell you:  “You are so religious.”  Just quip, “And I am logical too.”  😊😊😊

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