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Wednesday, March 25, 2020




Remember the good, old days as the lilies bloom,
All pink and pearly whites, reddish and dark coral
As the garden swoon on bubbly oases like Tamar
Thine love pervades the sea, the brook and springs!

The green leaves bursts with dew in the early morn,
And the bark that I carve still have the hearts sawn
I thought it is forever, yet it passes like O' the wind
Now  hearts are as pale as the cloud at dawn skies.

From days to weeks, he had gone to pick the roses,
Youthful as the babe with a smile that does oozes
Then his joy meant an elegy for the love that bears
Gone and falter, slowly picking the brown leaves!

As the autumn leaves as tawny as the tears shed,
Sobs and silent moaning that will remain hidden
Where in the world has my Solomon had gone?
My prince waved goodbye and came like drops!

The weather turned bad and  snow crept above,
The winter froze my tears and nothing came out!
Still the prince wandered around near the barns,
He never noticed I was there waiting like a deer!

Now the spring turned to winter from autumn,
The ice storm had passed; the shawl I draped
He will not come back for awhile, months ---
Not years, but I will now pick another bee!

Another bee who seeps nectar sweet and lovely!
I will not wait anymore, never for he is gone,
Like the gent from the wuthering heights---
Who ran away, clasping a new rose behind!

All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail

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