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Thursday, March 26, 2020

The genius with a great heart: Short Story by Maria Cassia

Tell me about it!  This is one of the stories that broke my heart!  I have known Shiela for about 30 years.  She was about my age and we have lived in the same community so I know a part of her life.

She told me that when she was born, her mother used to feed her with rice milk because they could not afford the proper milk.  At that time, her Dad was unemployed.  But life do change.  After a year, her Dad got a job.  They were about 7 in the family, so it's a bit of a struggle.  Even though, they were a happy family!

When she was a teenager, I found out that she had the brains of the Mensa.  Mind you, she perfect her exams without much sweat.  I begun to admire her, but she's a loner.  I thought she was a snub, not really.  She just read encyclopedia, that's all.

But when she got married, things get awry.  One may say it's a big mistake, she just love Ben, a rowdy and rude worker in the mines.  Inspite of her tempestuous relationship, she bore three daughters and two sons.  Her life is a mess from the beginning, but God loves and takes care of her.  She managed those years, though with a wounded heart, she moved on.  His husband has all the vices one could imagine.  Ben is a womaniser, a drunkard and a gambler.  As soon as he goes home and if he lost in gambling, he will abuse her with bad words.  My friend told me she would just cry and pray that his husband will change.

One day, her husband was shivering, Shiela was anxious.  Ben was brought by an ambulance to the hospital.  Ben almost died and Shiela, despite of the wickedness of her husband prayed that he will be saved.  God granted her pleas.

After  three months of recovery, Ben went back to his old ways.  He continue to berate and insult Shiela.  Then, Shiela prayed again that God will deliver her from this despicable man.  Many years passed, suddenly news arrived to her.  Her husband was accidentally hit by the car.  Shiela sobbed into tears.  She loved Ben, but God finally released her from her cross.

When she shared to me her story, tears flowed from my eyes.  She suffered so much, but her suffering was not in vain.  She offered her sufferings to God.  Shiela is a hidden saint.  Shiela is my friend...

All rights reserved:  Maria Cassia

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