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Tuesday, March 10, 2020



As it pass by the river, the green turtle saw
The truth that surprised her by the bough
An old turtle moving slow as waves tow--
Gazing at the ripples of a turtle as new.

Fascinated by the scene encircle the river!
An enigma as the turtle cross it's paths,
Strew some red petals to the shore---
Alas, the other responded with a smile.

The green turtle went away so sad---
The turtle whom she likes found anew,
It was never her, she sighed--another!
Covered herself in shame withdraw from
the crowd.

Misty-eyed saw a bluish turtle who
strolled by the shore; another one!
"Why are you blue, green turtle?"
She kept quiet but Blue understood!

Come green turtle, he is not for you--
We will stroll by the sandy shore, me
And you alone. Have you not known
That I like you long long time ago!

Let me come with you, today and
tomorrow. So that my color will
now be reddish-pink, not green
Come and I will forget him today!

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