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Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Maiden --- Maria Clara Style


There once was a maiden and her name is Maria Clara. She has the fine attributes
of a modest lady yet elegant in virtues. How do I describe her?

* She walks so demurely and gently as a flower that sways with the soft wind.
* She speaks softly and when she smiles, she covers her lips sweetly!
* She never forgets her parasol in summer lest her skin blush with the sun.
* She never talks ill of others but have generous and honest words for others.
* She dress modestly and respect her womanhood as a gift from God.
* She is kind and gracious to everybody without prejudice and scorn.
* Most of all, she is always grateful to her Creator, the source of all life and love...
I am confident that modernity of times did not rule out the maiden, Maria Clara style!

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