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Friday, April 17, 2020

All my steps of the way, He is present! Reflection by Maria Cassia

At the darkest moments of my life, I thought God has abandoned me.  Yes, problems come and go but there are tragedies in our life that bear deep scars.

Suddenly, it came into my mind that God, after all cared for me and my family.  The moment I get closer to Him, the more challenges come!  Now, I understand.  It’s not that you are getting more problems but it’s more on how you react to what is happening in your life.  I do not mean that one just fuss when there is a fire.  What I meant is the calming of one’s mind in negative situations.

I meditated on my journey in life.  There maybe a few downs but many ups!  I recalled how God carried me through the hard times.  God is not silent in my life.  He works in mysterious ways.  I decided to cling to Him really tight.  I uttered, “Thanks God for your presence in my life.  You never never abandoned me.  I love you, dear God Almighty.  In Jesus Name.  Amen.”

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