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Wednesday, April 1, 2020



Emma is a normal teenager with all the hustle and bustle of life.
When you see her, you will agree with me that she is hyper Gen Y.
She wears those fitted jeans that her bones seems to complain of
claustrophobia! She has a top that complements her ebony skin.
Her sandals are like those worn by the Roman gladiators but with
a feminine touch. What a delight to look on.

She has a downside: an incurable romantic. She met Ronnie one
sunny day of January (Southern hemisphere). Ronnie wears thick
glasses but behind those spectacles are eyes that penetrate beyond
imagination. He is sweet and caring but nevertheless masculine.
Emma almost melted on the first day they met. At the age of eighteen,
this is the first time her heart palpitates at a dangerous rate that her
cheek flushes like nectarines. She was almost speechless, thanks to her
friend Carmie who talked most of the time. At this stage, Emma gently
said, "Pleased to meet you." Ronnie smiled with a tease, "I am very
pleased too."

After three days of sleepless nights, she wandered around the campus
with an utter joy and excitement of seeing Ronnie again. As usual, she
has a pink I-pod: listening to romantic music, well, Julio Iglesias, mind you!
Then she turned her head. "What? That's Ronnie and he is so sweet with
Jessica. Hmm, that ugly girl..." She is now blushing not with mirth but with
anger. Hmm, she is jealous. She quickly turned to the other direction
with a poker face. As she is hurrying to leave the scene, someone is calling
her. It's Ronnie. "Hi Emma, you are rushing?" Emma could not contain her
wet eyes. Emma replied, "Why did you leave Jessica?" She has nobody
with her." Ronnie blurted, "O, Jessica--- we are just waiting for her boyfriend."
Emma seems to jump! Emma replied, "Really, that's good."

Ronnie held her hands and said, "How about a cup of coffee in the canteen?"
Emma with excitement said,"I love that. We still have fifteen minutes break."
Ronnie said, "Is it possible for me to visit you at the dormitory tonight?" Emma
thought she has an assignment. She replied, "If it is a short visit, that's alright."
Ronnie said, "I will keep it short and crisp." Emma giggled, "I will wait for you."
Ronnie blurted, "About 7:00 pm." Emma replied, "Sure!"

At this point, Emma remembered that last autumn she broke off with Zac. Now,
autumn has returned with all beautiful colors.
( A beautiful story indeed !!-George)

All rights reserved: Maria Cassia Austero

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