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Monday, April 6, 2020


All the nations you have made will come and worship
you O' Lord; they will bring glory to your Name.

                                                                                                 Psalm 86:9

If only two persons pray, then the Lord is in the midst
of them.  How much more if a crowd attend a Mass or
healing gathering of thousands and hundreds of

That is the power of prayer.  It is like a light that
beacons from above that is indivisible and uncontrollable.
For all the nations will come and worship God Almighty!
There could be some people who are lost and have
strayed from the right path, but the numbers could be
negligible compared to the ones who day and night
devote themselves to the adoration of the True, Living God!

No matter what darkness befell humanity, the light will
always shine.  God can turn the darkness into light, can turn
the deserts and wilderness into oases flowing with gushes
of revitalising water of His Spirit!

No matter what tragedy strikes humanity, God can turn all
of these into moments of showing His great love, for
tragedies like earthquakes, fire or storms are just momentary.
But the recovery is more lasting and the development is
even better than before.  After these things, people awaken
and recollect how they have offended the Lord.

But of course, everything has a limit when justice prevails
after mercy has been granted!  Just like the people of the
Great Flood and the people of Sodom and Gomorrah who
have not heeded to all of the warnings of their age, annihilation
is possible.  On the other hand, we could not comprehend God's
Mercy!  It is boundless, so let us take note of His Love and
Mercy while there is still time.  For eternal life is more
important than the limited number of years we have on earth.
Come back to the Lord, He is always waiting for you.  It does not
matter if one is an ex-convict, a prostitute or a sinner.  Just like
when Jesus forgave the woman who commited adultery, Jesus
said, "Your sins are forgiven.  Go and sin no more."

We have to come back now, not tomorrow for we do not
know when our life will end on earth.  Come back to the Lord
no matter what state you are in, for God loves us so much.
God will never forsake or abandon us.  God is
good all the time!  Worship Him!  Give glory to His Name!

Cynthia Abegail

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