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Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Imagine yourself in the scene of the Nativity.   Feel the cold of the night, see the bright star...
As Mother Mary holds baby Jesus with swaddling clothes, we can feel the joy of a mother.
On the other hand, Mother Mary is not an ordinary mother, she is blessed among all women,
as her cousin Elizabeth exclaimed.

See the three kings from far nations.  One king brought gold, a symbol of authority and kingship.
Another king brought frankincense fitted also for a king.
Another myrhh, what is it for?

Watch the shepherds!  They are so innocent and poor yet they are so privileged to be with
baby Jesus.  Our Lord could have surrounded himself with powerful clerics or priests, but

And the angel announce the Lord's coming.  It is symbolic.  In tradition, a messenger announces
the coming of a king.  A king does not arrive without a messenger.,,because a king is important,

Here in our midst is Lord Jesus, not an ordinary king but the King of heaven and earth.  I am
humbled just to imagine myself in the nativity.  I would cry with joy and tears.

I could be emotional and just sob and kneel before my Lord.  I have recognised the visitation
of my God!  Did you also recognise Him today?

Glory to God in the highest!  All glory and honor to you forever and ever.  Amen.

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