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Tuesday, April 21, 2020


(Laughter is the best exercise.Now you get a lot of exercise from our Cynthia's Jokes Corner.
Very Good Cynthia.Thanks)New World
Jen: Mum, I saw Dad fell from the skyscraper!
Mother: Oh, no! Was he hurt?
Jen: I don't know. When I left, he is still falling down!
Mother: Do not go further to the bush, there's a lot
of snakes there.
Rose: But , Mum.... Dad is there already.
Mother: That's fine, he is insured!
Teacher: These liquid spirits are extremely flammable.
Be careful!
By the way, where is Danny? (the naughtiest student in class)
Children: (giggling) Why, can't you see him? Look! He is at your back
with a lighted match!
Teacher: No, no, no!
Wife: Now, I found out that you have an affair with Gemma.
What can you say now?
Husband: Remember, when the priest asked you... Will
you accept Eric for better or for worst?
Wife: Yes, and so?
Husband: This is the worst part!
Catholic: You guys take the Bible too literally!
Protestant: How about you? You take the Bible too symbolically!
Irish: Fire and rain from heaven, repent!
French: He loves us!
American: Take it easy, guys!


Cynthia Abegail

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