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Wednesday, April 8, 2020


St. Paul encourages us to "pray constantly." (1 Thess 5:17). A type of prayer that we---
can pray all the time without words is "practicing the presence of God," just choosing to
be in his presence. "For we are in His presence all the time, so we can choose to be in---
His presence all the time, since that means only choosing to be what we are."
We may not consciously think of God all the time. On the other hand, everytime we---
remember Him as He reminds us, we are able to say, "Thank you" or "I love you."

These short prayers are as pleasing to Him as a "baby's smile to his parents."Does it takes so much time to pray? Not at all!" "At least as long as it takes to relax in His presence; 'to be still and know that He is God.' "
As in an old hymn, "Count your blessings" and you will be amazed at what the Lord
has done for you!Source: Kreeft, Peter. Because God is Real: Sixteen Questions: One Answer. 2008

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