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Saturday, April 18, 2020


Saint Augustine was a genius of immense proportions that
from the words of Christopher Dawson, "he was to a far
greater degree than any emperor or general or barbarian
war-lord, a maker of history!

Augustine was born in 354 in Numidia, North Africa. His mother
was the patient and loving Christian, Monica (to be proclaimed a
saint later). He became a teacher of rhetoric in North Africa
and Milan.

He was involved with Manicheanism at a young age; had a mistress
and a son. However, he became a Catholic --- one of the best religious
thinker of the time. He wrote numerous treatises and the most
popular religious autobiography, The Confessions.

On the other hand, the one treasured by Augustine was his City of God,
a rich resource on the thoughts and yearnings of olden and early
Christian being. Aside from the Bible, there is no book that had
an impetus on the Middle Ages than the City of God. Needless to say,
this book is a masterpiece, a huge synthesis of knowledge.

It encompasses the struggle of good and evil -- philosophical and historical
in a sense. City of God has ushered into a new understanding and paved
a way to understand the world and its origin.
Saint Augustine --- an outstanding writer and preacher --- Bishop of
Hippo and a scholar par excellence.
Source: Walsh, G. et al. (introduction by Etienne Gilson). City of God.

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