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Thursday, April 2, 2020

TARA IS IN LOVE: Short Story by Cynthia Abegail

I am bewildered by my friend Tara.  She is extraordinary intelligent, with a good heart but I do not know why she has this kind of face, although it really does not matter.  She has some crooked teeth,
with so many pimples that you may have seen already Mars in perspective.  Joke only!  She wears this big glasses worn by weird nerds.  I told her to at least get trendy spectacles but she just love those glasses.

One day, I saw her in a pensive mood!  "Hi Tara, what's up?"  She has not heard me or even sense my presence.  I shrieked, "Tara, how are you?"  Then she awakened and said, "Why are you shouting at me?"  I answered, "Oh, I was just waking you up, you seem to be in a trance."  Then suddenly, she giggles, " Oh, I am going to faint, do you know Daniel?"  I said, "Yes, why not?  He is the most handsome person in this college.  Why, don't tell me..."  Tara was starry-eyed and said, "Yes, oh yes,
I only had three-hours sleep.  I can picture his face in my mind!"  I exclaimed, "Tara, have you gone out of your mind?  If you had said, you had a crush on Edwin, that's fine,...but Daniel,... Oh be realistic for crying out loud!  But she was deaf.  When Daniel passed, she seemed to be a vine cluttering up and said, "Hi Daniel!  (giggles).  I am really embarrassed, hmm.

The next day, she was crying.  "Why, what happened?"  She sobbed, "I saw Daniel with Gemma, that 
dumb brunette!  "Oh well, not surprising! , I said.  She went ballistic, "Are you for me, are we friends?"  I consoled her and I said, "Open your eyes please.  I love you as a friend but you have to keep your feet on the ground.  Just look at Edwin, he likes you so much."

The following day, Edwin passed and smiled at Tara.  Tara responded, "Edwin, I just can't figure out this calculus equation, please help me.  Edwin responded, "Easy!  I will solve that if you promise to have lunch with me today at the canteen.  Tara's eyes have a new sparkle!  I whispered, "Tara is in love again, then I left them and will find my crush, Raphael!  Tara is in love, so am I!

All rights reserved:  Cynthia Abegail

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