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Tuesday, April 14, 2020




Therese was new to the school, so she is having quite
an adjustment to the staff and to the setting in general.
After a break of three months from work due to
unavoidable circumstances, she is now ready to
embark in her new adventure. She is assigned to
assist the teachers in the myriad of their daily needs
and what could not be an exciting low profile job than this?
Well, she miss the students too but this is the job that she can
juggle all of her responsibilities in life.
O' the principal is just great! He is a humble and unassuming
person with this kind of strange beard! Anyway, he is the
type of person who will not be behind your back always, so
Therese was motivated to work. She likes those kind of people
who are trusting and kind. She swooped on the job with awesome
perfection that she got a salary increase every three months.
The vice principal is also wonderful; a dignified and considerate lady
who allows people to be independent and do their job without much
hassles. And the admin coordinator allows her to take leave during
emergencies that she sighs, "What a fantastic school! I think I am
going to enjoy my stay here!
But, let us go to the most important part of this adventure. On
Therese's second week in this school, she met Zsa- Zsa, the lady with
a bright ginger hair. Zsa- Zsa spoke, "Hi! I have heard that you are
new to the school. I am Zsa-Zsa by the way. Hope you like it here!
Therese replied, "I am reallyenjoying every minute of my stay here."
Zsa-Zsa said, "Join me for a cuppa, it is recess time already." Therese
smiled, "Sure!
On their first encounter in the staff room, she admired the warmth
and sincerity of Zsa- Zsa. She is an intelligent woman, a widow in her
late forties; with Scottish -English looks and Therese thinks she is
an exuberant and wonderful lady.
One day, she saw Zsa-Zsa with disheveled hair and with misty eyes.
Therese asked, "What's the matter, Zsa, anything wrong? Zsa-Zsa
told her about her problems with her children. She could not cope with
them. Therese tried to console her but to no avail.
After a month, Zsa-Zsa confessed to her that she had a slight depression
at times. At those periods, she will not like to go to school and just stay
at home and she is also under medication. Therese admired her honesty
and she even loved her more as a close friend.
On another occassion, she is very exhilarated; seemed to be over the moon.
Now, she understands; she has bouts of alternating moods from extreme joy
to depression. Even though Therese knew that Zsa-Zsa is not normal in her
mental state, she treats her quite the same. Actually, she had even more
compassion for her.
Therese gave her a copy of prayers that may help her, but most of all she
spend more time with her in lunchtime to connect and to chat. The woman
with the ginger hair gave her an opportunity to be human, to have
solidarity with the marginalised in our world. She remembered a passage
in Scripture, "Have you fed the hungry, clothed the naked...." The Lord
said, "What you have done to the least of your brethren, you have done for me."
*Moral: If there is an opportunity for us to do good to our brothers and sisters,
do it now. Do not defer it. Let us do it for the love of our Lord!
All rights reserved: Cynthia Abegail
(It is a beautiful story with a great moral. Thanks Cynthia for this wonderful
New World
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