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Saturday, May 9, 2020



It is winter again and the cold weather bites!  One thing I notice about Aiko is her fondness for summer.

She seems to rejoice on the harsh summer sun with a glow on her not so rosy cheeks.  When winter comes, she usually snuggle on her fluffy woolen bed with some extra cloths.  This is also the time she gains a reasonable amount of weight.  I remembered that animals hibernate especially on cold months.

Aiko is very wise!  When the heater is on, she quickly get a prime spot across the heater.  How I wish I have ducted heating, nevertheless we just have to be satisfied with what is readily available.  Now it is
time for dinner.  Guess what, she does not like tuna on wintertime.  She prefers chicken fillets but not lamb or meat at all.  Aiko is so fussy that I thought her domestication is up to high standard at this point.

Now, my son visited our place and he was surprised by Aiko's colour and weight.  I told him that cats do not need to diet unlike single women!  But my son quipped, "No cats need to be of reasonable weight, too."  I replied, "Alright, I will try to keep her on her optimum weight."  Aiko seems to understand and she wagged her tail.

Aiko will always be the princess of our family. She can feel it and folks, she is getting a bit of a prima donna attitude.  I do not like to spoil her at all but sometimes, I just can't help it.  Pets give delight to a family whether a cat or dog or something else!  God is good all the time!  We usually have good company. 
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