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Thursday, May 14, 2020


Helen: How was your househunting for a builder?
Joe: Quite bizzare! One builder says "No deposit"
but the monthly payment is really huge!
Another builder, build now pay later but I have to
pay so much statutory charges.
Helen: What are you doing now?
Joe: Just buying a caravan!

James: Did Ronnie write you?
Susan: No!
James: I thought he liked you.
Susan: Yes, in 2010 but you know the year just changed!

Janet: Am I teaching the gospel today?
Cathy: Yes, indeed...but the leader said, you have to live by the
gospel first!
Janet: Could you find a substitute?

Laura: I am submitting my essay soon but the teacher
said I have to strengthen the defense of my argument!
Kay: That's easy, keep going on...
Laura: By the way, what is an argument?

Wife: Darling, your dinner is ready!
Husband: What's up? Sorry for my late arrival last night
you know...boys one night out!
Wife: That's alright. Come see what I have prepared,
special snake casserole and frog dumplings...

Cheers: Cynthia Abegail

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